Columbia Supplemental Essays

Columbia supplemental essays offer a way of applying to a tier-one institution like Columbia, which is impressive and should be more than just a GPA. The essay provides an opportunity to highlight the other achievements of your life. When writing an essay for Columbia University, it’s essential to remember that admissions officers don’t need to see gloating and arrogance. They are looking for students who will contribute not only intellectually but also in some other way as well. Columbia is for people who want to excel, not just chase mediocrity; your essay should prove that you can succeed at a world-class institution. Aside from the personal statement, we have several additional prompts we will use to write about in your essay. Most of these are one or two sentences we ask you to expand upon in your essay. We encourage using prompts as a springboard for writing something engaging, thought-provoking, and personal.

Common Knowledge Questions on Columbia Supplemental Essays

The first step in writing a Columbia supplemental essay is deciding which questions adequately show off your knowledge on the topic. Once you have decided which questions are most important, go back through them and choose those that best demonstrate how well you understand them.

Why Are You Applying to Columbia?

Columbia is a world-class university and a dream school for many. So what do you need more of? More motivation? More information on Columbia’s excellence in various fields? We have the writers to help! For affordable prices, we offer an insight into one of Columbia’s essays from a prospective student who has already been accepted.

Why Are You Interested in The Area of Study?

The lecturers are some of the best in the business; many were students here. The University has made a big deal of it and consistently places at the top in all kinds of rankings focused on this area. It’s a tough choice that requires hard work and dedication to succeed, but we have done our research and have found that it’s also not essential that you know anything about what your professors have written or published.

How Are Columbia Supplemental Essays Graded?

There are no specific requirements for Columbia Supplemental Essays: your application will be evaluated according to your chosen sections. This means that you can focus on different areas of study and still get a high score.

What Do You Think Is the Most Exciting Thing About Columbia?

The chance to shape your future is in your hands. Columbia is a perfect place to leave the safe choices of your past behind and explore new opportunities and even lifelong dreams.

What Are You Most Interested in Columbia?

There are different disciplines at Columbia: the arts, sciences, engineering, and medicine. They all have something interesting to offer, though they’re all different. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

College is likely the most critical decision you’ll ever make, and your Columbia supplemental essay will be one of the essential components. What makes an application essay great? Is it about following all those pesky rules? Not exactly. Our advice is to stay authentic. Let us help you with your application. We’ve got a knowledgeable team of writers that know everything about Columbia admissions and have already helped plenty of people send off their applications.

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