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  • Are your services confidential?

    When seeking writing services from Cheap Essay Experts, the system will prompt you for your name phone number and email address, which will enable the organization to process the order request. Please note that we do not disclose our clients personal information to third parties. Importantly, our company's support staff does not ask for credit card information through phone conversation, such information is provided via the online payment procedure. For more details regarding the company's privacy policy, please visit the Privacy Policy page on the website.
  • Is it ethical to seek your help for my work?

    Cheapessayexperts provides customers with quality model papers that are well articulated and referenced. These papers can be used in various ways Forthright source As a reading in a research exercise As an independent way of viewing an issue However, the company urges individuals to review their university policies on plagiarism and paraphrasing to ensure that they make an informed decision before proceeding to place an order.
  • Where are you located?

    Cheapessayexperts is based in London, and we assist students within the United States (U.S.), UK, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world. The company’s support facilities are hosted in Ukraine and Latvia.
  • How will I be able to send my case study articles/materials to the writer?

    After completing the order request, one is provided with a personal order page that will prompt for the requisite reading materials such as case studies and articles. Thereupon, after customer uploads the files on the personal order page, they become visible to the writer. Nonetheless, one should not hesitate to contact the support department in case of any difficulty while uploading files.
  • What is my personal order page? How does it work?

    A personal order page is a platform that allows customers to track their orders, share reading materials, and engage both the administrator and the writer. However, for clarity purposes, a personal order page contains the following: 1. “Your Orders” tab that allows you to monitor the progress of your orders e.g current, completed etc 2. “New Order” where one can make new order requests 3. “Profile” allows one to amend some entries e.g. change password and update personal information We advise clients to use “Order Info” and “Messages” tab to contact the administrator/support and the writer.
  • What if I forgot my password?

    Clients are required to create new passwords when placing their first order. In case one forgets his/her password, a recovery link will be provided to initiate the process.
  • How will I receive my paper?

    Cheapessayexperts will send a notification email that re-directs to personal order page when an order is on completed status. Nevertheless, as the deadline approaches, customers are encouraged to visit their personal order page to be aware of progress. Upon completion, clients can review their custom papers from their personal order page or by “manage your orders” section on the website.
  • How do I download printable Microsoft Word version?

    Cheapessayexperts affords clients an elaborate way of retrieving a completed paper by downloading a printable Microsoft Word file after verifying the PDF version. The data will be available on the personal order page, and it will have a unique identification (MS Word version of the paper).
  • I have not received my custom paper within the deadline. What should I do?

    At Cheapessayexperts, we guarantee timely delivery, but in the event an order is not completed within the deadline provided, customers should contact the administrator immediately by writing a message on their order page, live-chat, or call the operator, who will provide a prompt assistance. It is important to counter-check that one provides the correct email when placing a new order; also, the client should confirm that the SPAM filter in their email does not bar him/her from receiving the company emails. Moreover, clients must keep track of their orders by accessing their order page frequently to check for any clarification messages from the support team/writer.
  • What if I do not like my custom paper?

    Our writers at Cheapessayexperts are diligent and highly qualified. In the event the delivered paper fails to meet customer expectations, we advise our clients to set the order on revision status from their personal order page and attach comments and instructions as per the Terms & conditions. However, if the revision instructions do not match the original instructions, extra charges will be applied as per the revision policy.
  • What is the samples service?

    This service allows the client to interact with the writer’s writing style and approach on different assignments. Through this service, customers will acquaint themselves with the assigned writer by accessing three of his/her previously tasks, which accords Cheapessayexperts customers a chance to make an informed decision. In case a client needs to swap writers, the procedure is allowed within the provided window period of two hours; therefore, if one fails to request for a new writer within the given time, the company regards it as acceptance. This service is available for $5.
  • Do your writers complete online assignments and multiple choice (checkboxes, T/F, etc.) tests?

    Cheapessayexperts does not execute multiple choice assignments or online assignments since it believes that it is the responsibility of the student to pass such tests. Additionally, it is difficult to quantify multiple-choice assignments and decide on the remunerations to be awarded to the writer. However, customers are advised against sharing their personal information such as login details with the writer and does not claim responsibility if such information is misused.
  • Is there a possibility of plagiarism in completed order?

    Cheapessayexperts deliver original papers to our clients; our company has a unique plagiarism detection system that expeditiously identifies possible internet plagiarism. Unlike free plagiarism checkers, the company does not report to any database, a fact that enables the company to deliver safe work. Therefore, it is a guarantee to all clients that the paper will be scanned for plagiarism. Thus, it is feasible for Cheapessayexperts to guarantee plagiarism free papers to our clients. Also affirms limited plagiarism indexed; for this reason, the company is unable to warrant for paraphrased texts in all its submitted papers but encourages individuals to scan their documents for plagiarism using and share the report with the company when necessary.
  • Do you keep a database of pre-written essays?

    No. All papers submitted to clients are written from scratch.
  • What is the format of your custom essays?

    Cheapessayexperts has a standard approach that ensures all its submitted papers meet the prescribed academic requirements. All submitted documents are in 1-inch margin on both sides, 275 words per page, formatted with 12-point Times New Roman/Arial font, and double-spaced. If a client requires the paper to submit in a different format, one is expected to indicate when placing a new order.
  • When will my custom paper be done?

    When customers place a new order, they are at liberty to choose from a wide range of delivery options and determine the final deadline. In this case, the company calculates a timeline immediately the payment reflects in the system. Since writers need time to conduct in-depth research, customers are encouraged to upload all reading materials in time to avoid inconveniences. However, if a client fails to provide all reading materials at the start, the order is placed on progressive delivery service. Therefore, customers are advised to choose the most suitable deadline when making an order request, preferably slightly lower than the final submission time for the assignment. By so doing, the company can seek clarification regarding the job, as well as, address issues raised by the customer without inconveniencing them by delaying their work and affecting their grades.
  • What is Progressive Delivery Service and how does it work?

    When customers need the assignment to be delivered in parts, Cheap Essay Experts provides a unique feature that is preferred for use in extended orders. For academic tasks such as thesis, dissertations, capstone projects among others, which can be delivered in parts as the writer progresses with the rest of the work. It is important to point out that customers are encouraged to reach out to the support to arrange for a payment plan before placing a new order. This service costs 10% extra than the actual order price and offers the following benefits to clients: • Clients can pay their orders in bits • Individuals can maintain close communication with the writer if they so wish • Customers can receive the assignment in segments or even, chapter by chapter This service follows the following procedure: 1. Customers place a new order, and the company sets up a Progressive Delivery and payment plan that serves their interest 2. The company assigns the request to the most qualified writer 3. The writer delivers parts of the work according to the PD schedule 4. The customer reviews and offers feedback to the writer based on the given assignment 5. Each element can be revised in line with the customer's input as the writer continues to work on the remaining sections. 6. By the end of this service, the client receives complete work that does not require adjustments
  • How do I fill in the order/inquiry form?

    The order form can be accessed from Cheap Essay Experts website where one is required to indicate the number of pages (excluding the title and bibliography pages), delivery date, and the preferred number of sources. At this point, individuals should specify the requirements and expectations of their assignment to ensure that the writer delivers quality work. If one has trouble placing a new order, make use of the “info” sign after every field to see a detailed hint on the pop-up window. Other notable details include the preferred style of formatting and the course title. Please note that feedback is important since such information enables us to provide quality papers that meet all academic requirements. In case, of a complicated or technical assignment, please fill in the order form, and Cheapessayexperts will send a payment link after identifying a qualified writer who can handle your work.

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