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Human Resource Management Assignment Help

Human resource (HR) is a role in organizations for maximizing the potential of employees to meet the objectives of the employer. It comprises hiring, training and evaluation etc. of the employees to ensure productivity is as per the requirements of the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of HR Department

  • Directing–Providing direction to workforce who works for achieving of organizational goals is a major responsibility of HR personnel.
  • Recruitment – Identification of the most suitable candidate for a specific position in the organization and eliminating weak candidates is primary role of HR department.
  • Remuneration – finalizing the salaries and perks to the employees is done by HR personnel after analyzing various factors like job role, company’s finances and skills etc.
  • Training and development – technical training for improving the skill of employee and developmental exercises for improving the overall performance is conducted by HR on regular basis.
  • Safety and wellness – workplace safety, ethics management, employee equality and prevention of bullying, harassment and misbehave etc. are also responsibilities of HR team.
  • Analysis of job – HR team keeps record of different job roles by writing job descriptions. They also keep the track of future requirements in a specific role.
  • Employee rules and regulations – Regulations related to working hours, leaves and other employee related rules are managed and tracked by HR.

Promotion of employees, increment of salaries, insurance policies and recreation activities for employees etc. also come under the role HR department in most organizations.

Challenges facing human resource management

  • Employee retention – The HR team has to ensure that the skilled employees must be retained in the workplace for longer duration. Employees leaving jobs frequently hamper the overall functioning of different processes.
  • HR outsourcing – Deciding if outsourcing HR functions is more beneficial for hiring new talent is a challenge faced by HR team. The decision impacts both the parties, that is the workplace and the employers.
  • Satisfactory wages – Various times, the employees are not satisfied with the wages received by them. HR department has to maintain the balance between employee satisfaction and budget of the company.
  • Productivity – It is the responsibility of HR staff to identify the reason behind low productivity in a specific department. So, they have to discuss with top management, executives to ensure productivity is maintained.
  • Health and safety – In case of any workplace hazard or harassment to the employees, the HR has to resolve the matter. It becomes a critical situation as HR has to ensure employee must receive justice and company’s name should also not be scandalized.

Qualities of Human Resource Manager

  • Good communication skills – These are essential as HR team is the medium for employees and top management to communicate with each other. Also, all the company policies and motives have to be circulated by HR for smooth functioning.
  • Decision makers – Strategic planning to form decisions that satisfy all the concerned parties in an organization is to be done by HR. So, he/she should be a good decision maker.
  • Knowledge about labor laws – To ensure that company doesn’t comes under the scrutiny of law, HR team must be thoroughly aware of labor laws of that particular company.
  • Leader – In order to give directions to employees for enhancing their productivity, the HR must possess leadership qualities.


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